Some reviews from past and present students and parents. If you would like to add something here please contact us.

"I am so pleased I chose Marian Lane's School of Dance to send my daughters to and wholeheartedly recommend it to any parent looking for a friendly, caring, nurturing, supportive and professional environment. Marian and Juliana give their all and more to develop each and every student's potential. Many students (including my younger daughter) have progressed to residential dance schools and are now professional dancers.  A fantastic dance school for children of all abilities".    Marie

"I attended Marian Lane's from the age of 5-16, before going on to vocational training at 'The London Studio Centre', I am still performing professionally 6 years after graduating.

I have the best memories from my time at Marian's, I gained invaluable training in a nurturing environment.
The care and attention from Marian, and fellow teacher Julianna, was vital- they enabled me to pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer.
I cannot recommend the 'Marian Lane School of Dance' more highly".     Fran

"I spent 11 years dropping my daughter off at the Marian Lane School of Dance, three times a week. I am so happy that we chose Marian's school: everyone was so hard working and supportive of each other, teachers, parents and pupils of all ages. The standard of dance that the pupils achieve is outstanding, which is due to the excellent expertise of the teachers (Marian and Juliana) and their high expectations of all their pupils. I miss being involved in this warm, friendly and inclusive school".     Bev

"I cannot speak highly enough of the Marian Lane School for Dance. I trained there for 11 years from the age of 3 to 14 and will forever cherish the amount of love, support and attention we all received there, not just on a training level but personally as well. From the age of 14 I went onto training in ballet vocationally and since then have been performing professionally. I would recommend this school to anybody looking for a nurturing, caring and a high standard environment . It wasn't just a school to me it became like a second family. I would love to say a huge thank you to Marian and Juliana for providing me with the knowledge and skills to succeed".     Emily

"My daughter started dancing with the Marian Lane School of Dance at the age of 4. It is a friendly, and caring place to be for both girls and boys who either enjoy dance as a hobby or who wish to pursue a career in dance.Marion and Juliana are extremely supportive and professional with each and every child and encourage them in all they do. My daughter is now 23, she has a degree in Dance Performance and is now a professional dancer. She still returns to the school when she returns home. We have a lot to thank Marian and Juliana for. A fantastic dance school".     Justine

"I attended the ‘Marian Lane School of Dance’ aged 3-12 and from the enjoyment I experienced there I decided I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer.They gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dream and from there I went on to train at ‘Elmhurst School for Dance’, ‘English National Ballet School ‘and was lucky enough to perform with the ‘Birmingham Royal Ballet’. I am still living my childhood dream now having a professional contract with the ‘Vanemuine Ballet Company’ in Estonia all of which I would not have been able to do without the education, love and support that Marion and her assistant teacher Juliana gave me.

Not only do they provide excellent training and nurturing they provide a warm friendly atmosphere for anybody wanting to enjoy dance".     Emma 

"My daughter, Lucinda, has had some amazing experiences in her eight years dancing at the Marian Lane School of Dance. Dancing is now a massive part of her life and I cannot recommend the school highly enough. The teaching has been second to none and has enabled her to reach her full potential".     Louise

"Both my daughters have loved their time at the Marian Lane School of Dance. Marian and Juliana not only provide tuition at a high level of expertise (and at an incredibly good price) they also provide love, support, encouragement and understanding of their pupils, something which no price label could be put on. They have a number of pupils that have gone on to vocational training and professional contracts but they give as much support and attention to the majority who simply wish to pursue dance as a hobby. The weekly classes, professional-like shows and exams are, in my opinion, an invaluable addition to the students’ childhood and young adulthood experiences whatever their future hopes and dreams for life are. Juliana and Marian provide all of this in a warm and caring environment. 

Whilst the proof of the excellent tuition is shown in the quality of the shows, the exam results and other achievements of the students, the proof of the happiness of the students is truly shown by the age that many of them stay until – only leaving when they go away to University or get full time jobs".     Jo

"Being at Marian Lane school of dance from the young age of 3 helped me find the thing I enjoy most in life. The school provides an excellent environment for not only people that enjoy it as a hobby but people that want to pursue it as a career. Marian and Juliana give fantastic support to each and every student and continue to be there when you have moved on to further training or jobs. I’ll forever be grateful for their teaching and will always think of it as home".     Issy